Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mountain Hearth Handcrafts Feature and Giveaway at The Enchanted Tree

I am pleased to announce that Mountain Hearth Handcrafts is featured on The Enchanted Tree blog today through April 9 with a giveaway of one of my spring faeries! To find out details visit her blog at:

I discovered Tree's amazing work online several years ago and fell in love with her beadwork necklaces and whimsical dolls. To visit the Enchanted Tree on Facebook, go to:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Gift From New Zealand

I have always imagined that when I am old I will sit out on my front porch on my rocking chair, chatting with friends and loved ones while peacefully drinking a cup of tea. I look forward to it.  My fellow crafter Marie Pickering of Softearth's World in New Zealand posted this to her blog one day about these lovely ladies she felted to sit in handmade clothespin rocking chairs she found at a local fair: here's the link to Rocking Away.  I recognized my future self right away in her artwork! I told her this and she sent me one as a gift! It was such a wonderful surprise! I am now displaying this rocking lady in my craft room as a reminder of my dreams for my old age. I don't get to do much sitting around here with busy children and the many things that always need doing, but I know that someday when things will slow down a little, I will sit in my rocking chair each day watching the beautiful morning outside.  Thank you Marie!