Monday, February 10, 2014


As folks may have noticed, I haven't posted on this blog in a while. Not to worry, Mountain Hearth Handcrafts is still around, I'm just finding myself in a busier phase of life with many irons in the fire. Originally, I intended to only have one blog, and found I had so much to write about that I started this as a secondary blog solely focused on handcrafting. What I am really finding out along the way is that the definition of handcrafting is fluid. When you really get down to it, life is art, art is life, and they are not really separate things. Therefore, from here on out, you can find my posts about handcrafting on my main blog:

I copied all my old Mountain Hearth Handcrafts posts over there, but the comments won't transfer, so if you ever want to read back through them, right here they will remain.

Here's to living, dreaming and creating, on the homestead and in the outdoors.