Thursday, May 13, 2010

Building a Nest

I just have to say that I have been having a grand time lately making birds nests for my Etsy shop. As I get settled in this year in our first home, a solid 1934 farmhouse, it seems fitting somehow that I should create nests. I find something very inspirational about roots, and I have been using invasive European beach grass roots (a fine example of eco-friendly crafting and invasive species control working hand-in-hand), washed up seashore tree roots, moss and little bits of lichen to make these lovely nests. I wet felt some eggs out of beautiful blue wool, and that is the finishing touch on this all natural art project.

I love birds nests. I was always making little nests when I played out in the woods and fields as a child. I would use grass, mud, sticks, whatever I could find to make homes for the birds. I was sure if I did a fine enough job, I would trick those birds, and they would move in! Now I always seem to find old abandoned birds nests on the ground and I have them displayed in various places all over the house. They bring me a lot of joy.

My friend, Taryn, just wrote a wonderful post on her blog about nesting with a photo of one of my nests. Check it out here at: Wooly Moss Roots, "Nesting"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Vending at the Mayfaire

I think that I have always wanted to sell my crafts at festivals but didn't really know it. I seem to always be making things as gifts for other people, but only recently have I discovered the profound joy in creating art for no person in particular and putting it out there for the world to see. This Saturday was my first booth experience, and it really affirmed for me that I love having a crafting business! I had so much fun arranging all the little faeries, gnomes and other crafty items for folks to look at, and seeing the smiling faces of my friends and community coming by to see what I have been making. It was a beautiful, sunny May Day and the Eugene Waldorf School's Mayfaire was just the right place to celebrate this time of flowering. I especially loved seeing smiling children running off with my magic teasel wands!

I have to say a big "Thank You" to Erin for letting me use her Saturday Market booth structure and sharing her banner dimensions with me. I wore my custom Patchwork Underground dress in her honor. I also want to thank everyone who came by to say hello, look around, or buy some of my crafts! I can't wait to do it again next year, and vend at the Veneta Friday Farmer's Market in June.