Monday, November 28, 2011

Mason Jar Warmers

My mason jar warmer is in the running for Cold Antler Farm's mason jar cozy contest! She asked readers to post photos of their creative solutions to insulate canning jars for holding hot beverages. You can stop by Jenna's blog to view the post and leave a comment to put in your vote at:

You can also find more of them in my Etsy shop at:

I hope everybodys hands are staying toasty out there.
It's cold outside!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mushroom Hunting

With the rain and mists of Winter in Oregon comes one of my favorite reasons to go out in the woods. Mushrooms. Wildcrafting for fungi is a delightful way to spend a November afternoon, and my enjoyment of these excursions often carries over into crafting inspiration.

With Chanterelles piled all over my counter, in my dehydrator and in many of my meals last year, I started making these little Chanterelle mushroom folks. I found just the right color of orange wool felt, and stitched up their wavy little caps.

I made little translucent white faces from clay to give them a little extra character.

Here's my King Bolete among the oak leaves.

And  brightly colored Amanita toadstools are a lot of fun to play with. Just remember not to eat them.

It's good to take time to enjoy the fungus among us.

You can find more of these little mushroom folks in my Etsy shop here at: