Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blog Giveaway at Wooly Moss Roots!

It's Springtime, and the birds are busy building nests in trees, shrubs, barn eaves and marsh grasses all around us. I, too, have been busy building nests in my craft room. I am giving one away over at the Wooly Moss Roots blog this week, so head on over there and put in your entry:

Entries are open this Saturday through Wednesday, April 25, and the winner will be announced on Thursday. You can also fnd more of these nests, along with needlefelted wool art, seasonal fairy dolls, gemstone bead jewelry, and kitchen items made of recycled wool sweaters in my online shop:
Folks who visit the Wooly Moss Roots blog can find a coupon code for 10% off in my shop through the week after the giveaway.

I also feel I would be holding you all back from a wealth of inspiration if I didn't encourage you to visit Taryn's blog in general. Wooly Moss Roots , is a delightful account of a family's simple homesteading life in the coastal mountains of Oregon. She shares beautiful photographs, recipes, ideas, and reminders of gratitude for all the things we love in life. She and her husband, Jeff, are amazing handcrafters and artists, and you can find their work at their Mystic Orb booth at the Eugene Saturday Market, as well as on their online shops: Mystic Orb Shop, and Wooly Moss Roots Shop. You can also read more about their homesteading life and art from Jeff's point of view on his blog: Mystic Orb.